McPasta Entry

The Entry level has a complete e-commerce website, which can be easily managed by yourself. This offer regards the realization of a configurated store, hosting for 1 year and periodic submissions to search engines.

McPasta Entry Subscription

Let everybody know the high quality of your products and open a online store. You won't need any rooms or employees, your store will be ALWAYS OPEN, 365 days / year, 24 hours / day !

This offer is for YOUR OWN website; more than describing your pasta company's story, your products, informations how to reach and contact you, it will give you the possibility to SELL online your products.

Remember also that, more than having technical skills typical of a software house, we have a deep knowledge of the pasta field; we know very well how to proceed !

Moreover, within the first 60 days a promotional campaign “stop competitors” (limited to zones or categories), for inducing you to buy the McPasta Premium level. "Stop competitors" campaigns, are made with different levels of intensity and will drive your website to be MORE VISIBLE compared to your competitors' websites !

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